Snow, Glorious Snow!


The last couple of weeks have been pretty lacking in terms of snow. So, the Younger Fives were super excited when the local meteorologists announced a whopper of a storm coming our way. Friday and Saturday’s snowfall was only about 6″, but the kids were elated to have new powder to play in. Then Sunday arrived, the temperatures climbed up into the high 30’s and it rained all day long. The kids were so disappointed to watch the new powder melt away. Luckily the temperatures plummeted overnight and this morning they woke up to fresh snow. They definitely agree that snowy winters are the best, or in their words “Bring on the snow!”



Crossing the Divide


A little over two weeks ago we crossed the Continental Divide to our new rental house in the Flathead Valley. We are now much closer to water and to the mountains. Even though we should have been unpacking these last few days it has been very hard to stay away from the abundance of new recreational opportunities. We can’t wait to post about our upcoming adventures in this amazing part of Montana!



Profound Panorama: A Day at Crater Lake National Park



Climbing up the sandy bank from the parking lot, we were unprepared for the view ahead. Circled by a ring of hills, the deep blue waters of Crater Lake glimmered below and held us mesmerized. Throughout the course of our visit to Crater Lake National Park, we experienced the lake from at least a dozen different viewpoints, and each vista was as impressive as the previous one.

DSC09904 DSC09917 DSC09918

The view is matched only by the equally magical landforms rising above the surface of the lake. Some, such as Wizard Island (first picture above), are visible from almost anywhere around the Rim Drive. Others like The Old Man (a mountain hemlock floating upright in the lake for over 100 years) take a little more patience (and a pair of binoculars). The kids were amazed to learn that the Phantom Ship (second and third pictures above) was actually 170 feet (17 stories) tall despite its tiny appearance from our elevated viewpoint.

DSC09913 DSC09914 DSC09912

The day wasn’t all seated vistas though, and the Younger Fives were hard at work (as always) completing their Junior Ranger booklets. They learned about the geology behind the volcanic eruption of Mount Mazama that created North American’s deepest lake, about the importance of rain and snowfall in keeping the lake replenished (it has no inlets or outlets), and about the Klamath tribe that historically lived in the area and whose present-day reservation is just south of the park. One of the kids’ biggest surprises came on the Scavenger Hunt Bingo; the park ranger pictured on the board was the one that administered the Junior Range oath to them. See if you can spot him above 🙂

DSC09916 DSC09920 DSC09921

One of the inescapable themes we all took away from the exhibits and conversations with people around the park was the impact of climate change at Crater Lake. The park has averaged about 44 feet of snowfall since the Park Service started keeping track in the 1930s, making it one of the snowiest places in the country. That number, however, has been dwindling for the past several years; the 2015 season only brought 18 feet of snow. About the same amount of precipitation is still falling here overall, but more and more is coming down in the form of rain and not snow. This is part of a larger problem of decreased snow pack that we’ve been seeing in our travels throughout the West this past year, from Colorado and Wyoming to California and Oregon.

October Drought
October Fire

The National Drought Mitigation Center puts out a weekly map of drought-impacted areas across the country, and the places impacted only seem to be growing (especially in the West).  Less snow means less fresh water flowing into rivers and streams, thereby creating a situation where below-average snowfall in Colorado helps fuel the chronic water shortages that we’ve seen firsthand in states such as California. Diminished snowfall also has a marked impact on wildfires by prolonging the dry season; at this moment there are 163 fires on public lands according to the US Forest Service, one of which is just miles from our present rental.


The Younger Fives feeling like giants in a stone model of Crater Lake.

Crater Lake has definitely inspired us with its beauty, and its cautionary tale about the link between climate change, snowfall, and drought is one we find hard to ignore. The Younger Fives take their Junior Ranger pledge pretty seriously, so in addition to staying on the marked trails and helping keep the animals in the park wild, taking action on climate change is another duty to help preserve national parks like this one. There are countless activities planned around the country tomorrow (Wednesday, October 14th) as part of the People’s Climate National Day of Action. While there might not be a rally nearby (which is our situation), there are many ways to raise awareness about addressing climate change, from posting or sharing on social media to being more mindful of our own energy and water use. Tomorrow we’ll be parking the car and taking the 4 Liters Challenge as part of homeschool, which is the amount of water (about 1 gallon) that hundreds of millions of people around the world must live on each day for all their water needs. What will you be doing? Leave your comments below!

From Sand to Snow: Driving From Las Vegas to Wyoming in Pictures

We are very happy to be settled into our rental in Wyoming’s Star Valley, and the contrasts from Las Vegas couldn’t be greater. After living in close proximity to neighbors in Europe over the past several months, and especially after being cooped up in a train for two weeks, having some room to roam is exactly what the kids need. The drive through Utah was rather snowy and slippery at times, but our CR-V handled the poor driving conditions very well. The wide-open spaces and snow-capped mountains of Western Wyoming have more than convinced us that we made the right choice for our next apartment, and we are eager to explore more of the surrounding area over the coming month. Here are some highlights of our drive:

DSC08430 DSC08436 DSC08438 DSC08439 DSC08441 DSC08448 DSC08450 DSC08453 DSC08457


We couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to Wyoming than the friendly company of a neighboring dog and cat 🙂