Traveling on the Fly

Packing the Minivan

By far the best investment we’ve ever made for our car is a hitch platform.  Instead of adding more storage space by going up (the extra drag from roof carriers cuts down on fuel efficiency), we opted for installing a small hitch and platform on the back of our van.  Read more…

Backseat Books

A backseat book is kind of like a coffee table book. It is usually pretty rugged (so it can withstand being flung about the car and also act as a handy snack tray). It is also sizeable with lots of great pictures. Most importantly it offers enough material to be looked at over and over again as your parents drive down seemingly endless roads (or in this case the entire length of Route 1). Read more…

imageCompost on the Fly

One drawback of being on the road this summer was not having access to environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of trash and food scraps. At home in Maine we were used to recycling and composting almost all of our household waste. Read more…


wpid-IMG_20120615_102658.jpgSmall Car Camping

We truly love traveling in our Mazda5. It has some great features and it has handled great in all types of conditions. However, it is definitely a compact minivan and space is becomes very tight when we pack in 5 people, 3 car seats, and all of our possessions. Read More

imageLaundry on the Fly

Our rental houses or short term accommodations don’t always come equipped with laundry facilities. With three young kids that like to play in the dirt this can quickly add up to many hours spent in the local laundromat. Read More…

ForRentFinding Stress Free Rentals

Renting a house or apartment when you are on vacation or traveling is often a great choice. Short-term rentals usually offer more space, access to a kitchen, and they are often much cheaper than hotels. Read More..


DSC03431-picsayHow to Tent Like an RVer

At first it can be a bit intimidating setting up a small tent while surrounded by huge RVs, many offering more space than our last rental house. However, we have found that being the lone tent in a sea of RVs has many advantages. Read More…

1367197061-picsayH2O on the Go

We drink a lot of water. In fact pretty much all that we drink is water with the very occasional glass of juice or seltzer thrown in for celebratory purposes. At home we always have our Kleen Canteens handy and in the car we travel with Sigg bottles that fit perfectly in the cup holders. However, we run into trouble when we are out on the trail, at the beach, or even spending the day visiting a city. Read More…



MuzzyFives’ Favorites for Learning a Language

There is no better challenge when traveling then attempting to speak the native language. Whether you’re looking to learn Spanish, Greek, Italian or another language, the following sites provide hours of family-friendly, engaging lessons (and for the most part, they are free). Read More…

VolarisTips for Flying with Kids

Traveling as a family is always an adventure. However, when you turn in your trusty minivan and prepare for a long distance flight you encounter a whole new set of challenges. Read More…


DSC03102-picsayOur Love of Dry Bags

Our love affair with these wonderfully adaptable, completely packable, waterproof bags started way back when Five of Hearts was a baby. We were looking for a bag to store dirty cloth diapers in when we went camping or traveling, and didn’t have immediate access to laundry facilities. Read More…

DSC01756-picsayLEGO on the Go

When we first started traveling full-time as a family the younger Fives were pretty upset about not being able to pack all of their toys. We did our best to convince them that they would stay plenty entertained without a closet full of toys (most of which never saw the light of day). In most respects they were troopers as we paired down their toys and drove away with only what they could fit in their backpacks. Read More…


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